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Below is a brief summary of the team members on a digital marketing website under the supervision of Marketing Director Taher Mustafa:

This diverse and dedicated team works together to ensure we deliver successful digital marketing campaigns and innovative strategies that exceed client expectations. By employing a diverse range of skills and experience, Taher Mustafa’s team improves clients’ digital presence and achieves their marketing goals.

Taher Mustafa

Marketing Director and founder of the team, he has extensive experience in the field of digital marketing and creating professional and appropriate strategies for each field.

Ahmed Abdullah

A data analyst specializes in collecting and analyzing marketing-related data to provide valuable insights to improve marketing campaigns.

Mustafa Maher

A specialist in search engine optimization (SEO) who works to increase traffic from search engines to websites.

Manar Al-Sayed

Responsible for sponsored advertising campaigns and an expert in effectively promoting products and services through paid advertising.

Mahmoud Ali

Founder and developer website who works on developing and improving user experience and website performance to reach marketing goals.

Ali Bakr

A creative graphic designer distinguished by his ability to produce attractive and modern designs that enhance the brand’s presence on the Internet.

Ahmed Saleh

A professional montage and motion graphic designer who creates attractive and influential video content to increase user interaction.

Huzaifa Ali

An administrative and accounting software developer who works on designing and developing integrated software solutions that help in organization and business management for companies and clients.

Ahmed Adel

An outstanding content writer with strong skills in writing and producing attractive and effective content who works in coordination with the marketing team to create diverse content targeting the audience.